Mar 24, 2013

Interview du Beatmaker coréen Primary

 Interview done for The chemistry

 Hi! Thank you for accepting this interview. Can you present yourself for ours readers?
Hi all, this is Primary the producer.

 We love everything about your music: the smooth side, the jazzy ambiance and sometimes retro beats. Where do you found your inspiration ?
My music is usually inspired from old records, personal experiences or I try to get it from everyday life. Sometimes movies, comic books and novels help me a lot.

How do you do to produce a beat? Do you produce your beat in the same way all the time?
Recently, I used the sampler called “Maschine” to make the rhythm part. Other instrumental sources are performed and interpolated by myself.
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You just release the “Primary and the Messengers Part. 3”, why only two song? Are you planing to do a full album?
Its my 3rd solo album for Messengers Series and my full album is coming soon, just after “The Messengers Part. 4” that will be released by the end of this month. Every track from all the single albums will be included in this full album.

In « Primary and the Messengers” part 1, 2 and 3, you have many big korean artists who feature. What is your favorite song? And why though? And which song was the hardest to do?

I like “happy ending”, from part 1, essentially for its retro vibes. I think I am more like a retro guy. I don’t think there was any song from the single albums that was especially hard to work on. It might be on a full album.

Why don’t you release an instrumental album?
 It will be included in the full album coming soon.

How is your life when you are not Primary the producer ?
I used to give a lecture and perform instruments. Nothing special. I love to travel from place to place.

Why do you wear a mask? Is it hard to wear it?
My first intention for wearing a box mask was to establish team character when I was working with the band Primary Skool, but I guess I am still wearing it. It gets hot inside of a box when you wear it and its hard to see outside.

What are your plans for 2012~2013?
I will be working on an album for Primary Skool as well as single albums which I am currently preparing.

Some korean artists are becoming worldwide, what do you think about that ?
I personally think that its really great appearance, but I am a bit concerned, it might only show one phase of a whole music.

Tell us more about korean music industry.
Korean music industry has lots of indie scenes but not much of enthusiastic fans. I think its over-concentrated on idol music genre.

Would you like to work with some international artist? If so, who?
I would love to work with many different international artists. I once worked with Mitsu The Beats, from Japan, and I also had a great time participating French indie albums. From time to time, many international artists ask me for collaborations. It is always my pleasure.

Tell us more about Amoeba Culture.
Amoeba culture is a label, with many famous Korean hip-hop musicians such as Dynamic Duo and Supreme Team. We just had a successful U.S. tour with Kero One and now we are looking forward to step ahead for overseas music market.

Do you have something to say to your fans across the world and to people who don’t know you yet?
I hope you all enjoy my music and I am planning to meet you with more albums.

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